About Recruitment Inclusive Champion Program (RIC)

Program Goals 

For champions to: 

  1. Increase their knowledge and expertise in policies and procedures for conducting successful faculty searches. 
  2. Learn about proactive recruitment tools and strategies to increase diversity within applicant pools. 
  3. Learn ways of marketing VCU and Richmond to prospective faculty. 

Faculty Development Topics 

  • Conducting successful faculty searches at VCU
  • Inclusive recruitment strategies
  • Impact of unconscious bias in recruitment
  • Recruiting the most talented, diverse pool of candidates 
  • Best practices for conducting campus visits
  • Tools for promoting VCU and Richmond
  • Keys to successfully onboarding new hires 

Post Training Responsibilities 

Champions provide ongoing consultation and advice to search committees, hiring managers and Deans. Some areas where Champions assist their units include: developing and implementing diversity recruitment plans, identifying potential search committee members, establishing strategies targeting faculty candidates from underrepresented groups, integrating inclusive language into written documents, and making suggestions for campus visit itineraries. They also function as a liaison for their units to the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention.